Curriculum Animation
Getting started: developing drawing skills and techniques related to animation
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Group drawings

Photocopy paper that is divided into three parts (show). The first child draws a head and folds it over so it can't be seen, then hands it to the next child who draws the body and folds it over. The third child draws the legs. The picture is then unfolded.


Link: Collaborative drawing


Action words

Comic strips often use action words like Crash! Bang! to describe sound effects. Draw simple pictures that might use the following words:

  • Splosh
  • Zap
  • Ouch
  • Hisssss
  • Wheee
  • Bang
  • Vrooom
  • Thud
  • Clunk
  • Burp
  • Zonk
  • Aaaarghh
  • Whooosh
  • Boing
Bang! crash!

Search: Sound effects



It is a great help to have a class library of references. Typically this will include people, houses, vehicles, animals, trees, flowers, fruit, tools, instruments, etc. There is much clip-art on the internet of these items.

Cut out pictures from magazines and old books and put them in large envelopes.

You can also use these to photocopy and then alter. A head of a person can be photocopied on six sheets and the body drawn in different positions. Again, part of the photocopy can be masked out using white paint or sticking white paper over it, and the variations drawn on the copies. (show)

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