Curriculum Animation
Getting started: developing drawing skills and techniques related to animation
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Making faces

Use a mirror to show the following expressions (eyebrows help create expressions) then try to draw simple faces using these expressions:

  • Happy
  • Sly

Cat face 1

  • Sad
  • Shocked
  • Stupid
  • Suspicious
  • Puzzled
  • About to sneeze
  • Rude
  • Tasting something nasty

Cat face 2

  • Silly
  • Bored
  • Angry




Facial expressions - Making Faces



When the faces have been drawn, try making them bigger and smaller using the following methods.

There are two simple ways of scaling drawings:


Take your original drawing such as a face. Use a perspective point at infinity as the starting point, then draw lines from that point through the various features of the face. You can then use the lines as a guide to make larger or smaller drawings.


Links: Ways to scale drawings - Scaling drawings


Draw a grid over your drawing (or a photocopy of it) then draw a grid of twice the size in light pencil. Copy the original to the larger grid. Draw around the copy in ink and rub out the pencilled grid.

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