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Getting started: developing drawing skills and techniques related to animation
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Ask a child to draw a garden.


Then ask the same child to list the things he or she might find in a garden before they start the drawing (using the above reference material if available).

The second drawing will have many more objects it in. It will have even more if the child is asked to collect pictures of gardens beforehand, or if a small group work together making the list.

The garden list itself can be made into shorter lists such as:

  • What is in the sky: Sun, clouds, birds, aeroplanes.
  • What is in the trees: Fruit, bird's nests, stuck kite, birds on branches.
  • What is in the garden: Fishpond, swings, flowers, bushes, trees, pets, shed, decorated paths, garden furniture and ornaments, children's toys.


Draw a garden - What's in a Garden? - Drawing - Drawing Flowers
Drawing Trees - Drawing Bushes - Drawing Birds - Playgrounds
Children Playing 1
- Children Playing 2


Do collaborative drawings. The first child draws a house, the second draws the trees, the third draws the clouds and sun, etc.

List other places to draw such as:

  • The park
The park
  • The fairground

Search: Funfairs - Fairgrounds - Fun Parks
Amusement Parks

  • The seaside

Search: Seaside 1 - Seaside 2 - Beach games

  • The Disco

Search: Disco images

  • The sports ground

Search: Sports ground images

  • Under water

Search: Under water images

  • The swimming pool

Search: Swimming Pool images

  • The High Street

Search: High Street images

  • A museum

Search: Museum images

  • The airport

Search: Airport images

  • The jungle

Search: Jungle images

  • A desert island

Search: Desert Island images

  • A factory

Search: Factory images

  • An alien planet

Search: Alien planet images

Draw things you would find in:

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