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Getting started: developing drawing skills and techniques related to animation
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Drawing aids

Hand drawings use the hands as stencils. There are a variety of stencils available, and typically include basic shapes, animals, etc as found in classrooms, and various ones for professional use such as those used by draughtsmen, architects, programmers, etc. Any stencil is useful for animation as they can be used in building up shapes. Use the shapes combined, or only part of the shape while drawing the rest. Draw the shapes upside down and sideways and again try making faces and other objects from the shapes.

You can also use common objects as stencils. A pair of scissors can be used to draw a bird. Use coins for circles, combs to get wavy lines.

Stencil birdStencil objects



Drawing aids - Drawing stencils


Shadow drawings

A slide projector without slides can be used for making shadow puppets on the wall. Pin or stick a sheet of paper to the wall then use your hands to make a shadow picture of an animal. Get someone to draw around the shadow. Trace over the picture and change it so it can be flipped.

Shadow bird

Alternatives to sticking paper to the wall are to use a cork message board, or a magnetic board.

A slide projector can also project slides onto a piece of paper clipped to a sheet of glass or clear plastic. The paper has to be on the opposite side to the projector. This enables the image to be traced onto the paper.



Shadow drawings - Shadow puppets


Mirror drawings

Get a small mirror with a straight edge. Hold it upright on a piece of paper then draw a butterfly wing so that it is reflected in the mirror. Now wobble the mirror so that it looks like the wing is flapping (show).

Draw faces using the mirror.

Write letters and numbers against the mirror to see what shapes they make.



Writing upside down - Fliptext



Doodling is simply playing around with a drawing without having any particular image in mind. (spirals) Draw a simple shape like a heart, and then see if you can make a picture out of it. (show)


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