Curriculum Animation
Getting started: developing drawing skills and techniques related to animation
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Repeating patterns

These are repeating shapes. They are often used as textures or effects.

Make 10 repeating patterns using letters of the alphabet.

Use similar patterns to create flower petals.

Flower SFlower MNFlower WFlower V


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Hand drawings

Drawing around your hand or fingers is an easy way to make pictures.

Alligators, rabbits, elephants, ducks, and people can all be drawn using your hands. Make two drawings of each with the hands changing shape, then flip them.

Crocodile hand Bird hands and feet


Trace your hands - Handprint drawings



Some children may find it difficult to draw around their hands. Get two children to help each other. Also, if you are using magic markers, these can mark the hands or clothes, so draw in pencil and then trace over the drawings with markers or pens. It is a good idea to have paper or cloth on the table when using markers so that these do not mark the table. If they do get marked, then methylated spirits will usually remove it.


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