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Stories - Part Five: Relationships and Communication
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Relationships are about how people like or dislike each other. If they like each other then they collaborate; if they dislike each other then they compete. The extremes of relationships are Love and Hate.

The following questions about relationship come up in stories:

  • How do we start relationships?
  • Who is the initiator? (Not always the person who appears to start it)
  • What moves do they make?
  • What response do they get?
  • What tricks do they use to get attention? (Manipulations)
  • What is the result of the actions?
  • Who wins and who loses in the relationship?

We know that Sherlock Holmes never gets the girl, while James Bond always does. Popeye constantly has to fight Bluto to keep him away from Olive Oyl, while Prince Charming has to fight off all the ladies that are after him. The 'perfect relationship' with a happy-ever-after ending rarely comes in reality, but the potential is always there. Stories are able to get closer to it than most people do in real life, and that is what makes stories interesting. But to do so, the elements of the story must have some credibility.


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