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Stories - Part Five: Relationships and Communication
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We have both physical and mental energy. We are attracted to people who have lots of energy. Beauty is another form of energy in the sense that it radiates and is attractive. Some people have charisma, or a 'magnetic personality', which refers to their attractiveness in an indefinable. It is common for rogues to be very charming and good company.

We find energy attractive. The 'ideal' person is fit, clever, and good looking. If they also happen to be humorous, generous, imaginative, talented, sympathetic, and rich then they are well endowed. Screen heroes and heroines are often presented as such.

In general, energy means 'giving out' in some way. Energetic people are the ones that initiate events that others can join in. Once they have initiated something then they are in control and able to initiate further things to the point where the rest just follow on.

Many stories are created from matching characters energy levels. In love stories we assume the most successful men are going to get the most beautiful women. In war stories we assume that the heroes are going to be up against an enemy of equal capabilities. In fact the weapons of war are just extensions of our energy output.


List the following characters in order from the highest energy level to the lowest:

Donald Duck - Winnie-the-Pooh - Superman
James Bond - Dumbo - Rip Van Winkle - Harry Potter


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