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Stories - Part Four: Decisions and Problems
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Transfer of concepts

Ideas from one field may be transferred to a totally different field. Story ideas transfer cowboys into spacemen. Shakespeare's stories can be transferred to big business.

This is a very common way to create new story ideas. A typical war hero might be seen as a tough man, but supposing it was a woman? A genius would normally be an adult, but supposing it was a child? A detective might normally be a person, but supposing it was an animal or a robot?

The problem solving technique is:

  • How is this situation normally handled?
  • Could someone or something totally different do it?
  • If so, what?

Definition: Transfer of learning


Method of prolongation

Assume the problem can be solved with unlimited resources and then gradually reduce this until an acceptable solution is found.

Imagine a serial killer is on the loose. The police know that given enough men, machines, time, and money they can catch him. They don't have unlimited resources, and have to be practical and find a point that enables them to make progress. What is the most police and equipment they can assign to the task to get results without detracting from other work?

This theme comes up in many dramas where a problem has to be solved and there are not enough resources to do it adequately. It is the typical 'heroic situation' of winning against the odds.


Definition: Prolongation

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