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Stories - Part Four: Decisions and Problems
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Critical destruction

The problem has to be looked at in a totally different way. Imagine Aliens are attacking the world. They cannot be destroyed with normal weapons, and can easily overcome our normal defences. A new approach to the problem is required that considers the aliens weaknesses in a different way.

The problem solving technique is:

  • Put up a normal solution, then criticise it to destruction.
  • If any part of the solution is not destroyed, then start with that and put forward another solution.
  • Criticise that until it is destroyed. Continue until you have an argument that cannot be destroyed.
  • Test the new argument. Repeat until a solution is found.

War games are based on this type of reasoning. One officer will say "I would attack this place using these men and this equipment, and do it in this way," then another officer would criticise it and say "If you do, the enemy would do this, that, and the other, and you would be defeated." Then another approach is suggested.

This type of storyline can also be found where planning is an essential part of the theme. Criminals planning to rob a bank, or police planning to trap criminals might use this approach.


Definition: Creative destruction



Upgrading an existing method to incorporate new ideas. Most inventions are based on this method. Someone takes an existing machine or idea that already works, and thinks of a way to improve it.

James Bond knows that guns work perfectly well for his needs, but having a gun disguised as a pen works better for his applications. Many children's stories have fanciful machines in them.

The problem solving technique is:

  • Take an existing means of solving a problem.
  • If it doesn't work, look at what needs to be changed to make it work.
  • Retry with the changes. Continue changing until it does work.

An author writes a story. He or she is not happy with it for some reason. The author then makes changes to see if it works better. This continues until the author is satisfied.


Definition: Renovation

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