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Stories - Part Six: Problems and Power
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Again imagine Sherlock Holmes as a boy. He finds he is good at solving puzzles. Perhaps he becomes obsessed with puzzles; collecting different types; trying to solve them in a limited time, and challenging others to contests. He may even start making up puzzles of his own. It could become an obsession where he is thinking about puzzle solving most of his time.

Captain Ahab is obsessed with catching Moby Dick. Snow White's stepmother is obsessed with being 'the most beautiful of all'. Normal people get obsessed with losing weight, or keeping up with the Jones's. And of course, many get obsessed with love.

An obsession takes over your life. It becomes the main thing you talk about, and affects all your actions. Quite often, rising dictators, or leaders of cult groups are obsessed with ideas, and are able to collect others around them who are also obsessed.

Robin Hood was obsessed with bringing down the Sheriff of Nottingham. King Midas was obsessed with money. In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy's friends the Straw Man, Tin Man, and Lion were all obsessed with getting help with their problems.

The idea of a person being obsessed with someone or something comes up in many stories. Many detective stories relate to criminals with obsessions about their victims. James Bond's enemies are commonly men obsessed with taking over the world, or at least the world's wealth. Casanova and Don Juan were men obsessed with the ladies.


Write a list of five obsessions.


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