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Stories - Part Five: Relationships and Communication
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Fashion in ideas

The fashion in clothes gives us an idea of how we see ourselves. The image of being trendy, casual, efficient, spiritual, offbeat, authoritative, or whatever, comes over in the way we dress. It also comes over in the way we speak and the things we use. One person will have a mobile phone totally for practical purposes while another will consider it a fashion accessory. One person will have any computer that does the job, while another will want one that blends in with the décor of the room.

Our image of ourselves extends beyond ourselves, what we wear, our home, and even to the friends we have and the places we go to. We feel comfortable in places that have similar surroundings to our own homes. We feel comfortable with people who dress similar to ourselves.

Stories should take this into consideration and create locations that are consistent with the characters of the stories. We can imagine Sherlock Holmes feeling comfortable in the Reading Room of a library or Men's Club, but not in a dance hall or Casino. James Bond would be at home in a Casino or expensive restaurant, but being a military man, would be equally at home in a Men's Club.


What sort of places would the following characters feel at ease in?

Cinderella - Popeye - Mowgli the jungle boy
Captain Ahab of Moby Dick - Red Riding Hood - Robin Hood
Peter Pan - Dracula


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