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Stories - Part One: Creating Stories
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The ring structure

The RING structure is where a story ends up more or less where it started out. Here is a simple example:

Flow Diagram 12

Many Popeye stories are based on this theme. Sherlock Holmes stories are similar in that when a crime is solved, Sherlock Holmes himself has not changed particularly. The same might be said of James Bond or Superman.

There are many stories built on this structure. It could be a champion who loses his title and then gets it back. A hero branded as a coward, and then redeems himself. A person gets 'lost' physically, emotionally, spiritually, and then finds their way back to where they were.


The star structure

The STAR structure can also move in and out. It has a central core of characters that will move off in different directions to deal with different problems that are special to them. The various patterns can be superimposed one on another, and can change from one to another. Very complex stories can be made up of several stories at the same time.

Flow Diagram 13

In this case the main characters go off into various situations and then come back again. Typical of Police, Hospital, and Fire Service type TV shows. The main characters will interact with each other, but have their own storyline as well. The location where the characters work sets the theme.


List four locations suited to this type of storyline.

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