Curriculum Animation
Optical toys: making drawings move using techniques based on optical toys
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Recording drawings

You can input drawings into your computer in several ways. The three basic methods are:


Draw normally on paper then use a digital still camera, a digital video camera, or a scanner to record the drawings. This is the image capture method.


Draw directly into the computer using a drawing tablet or mouse.


Use existing clip-art, which then can be altered by drawing directly on the picture, or using a computer program that will produce the animation. This method can be used with just a mouse, but a drawing tablet is a great help.

There are numerous animation programs available.

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Types of animation

There are many styles and techniques in animation, but for children the two main ones are:

  • Drawn animation: This refers to any form where each stage of the movement needs to be drawn as a separate image. For example, a walk cycle might require 8 drawings. (show)
  • Cutout animation: This refers to any form where cutout or flat shapes are moved around under the camera. Typically these shapes will be cardboard cutouts, but can be any flat object such as coins, buttons, string, etc.
Shapes Cutouts Eyelet Fastener

Cutouts can be made from magnetic rubber sheets, or the cardboard can have magnetic strips stuck on the back. The pictures can then be put on a magnetic board.

Magnetic Board Cutouts 1
Cutouts 2
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