Curriculum Animation
Optical toys: making drawings move using techniques based on optical toys
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How things change

There are various ways for images to change:

  • A ball can change shape by squashing and stretching. Try doing it with a face.
Squash and stretch

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  • A balloon changes size as it is pumped up.
  • A clock hand changes angle as it moves round.
  • A car changes position as it moves along.
  • The sky changes colour as we go from day to night.
  • A piece of paper can change dimension from flat (2D) to a tube (3D).
  • A car can change speed by speeding up or slowing down.
  • A viewpoint can change from a 'birdseye view' (looking down) to a fisheye view (looking up).
  • Texture can change from rough to smooth.
  • With pictures the background can change while the main object remains the same, as with a looking at a person walking along.

Getting ideas

Stereotypes in animation:

  • cowboy, spaceman, policeman, footballer, gangster, soldier, doctor, teacher, nurse, bully, comics. Check Stereotypes.

Mixing up animals:

  • Half cow and half cat
  • Man/animal
  • Acting it out
  • Camera shots
  • Backgrounds
  • Voice, music, sound fx
  • Titles and credits
  • Ideas development

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