Curriculum Animation
Getting started: developing drawing skills and techniques related to animation
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Drawing exercises

The purpose of the following drawing exercises is to do many simple exercises as though they are games rather than learning.

  • Try writing your name as small as possible, and then as large as possible.
  • Write your name with two pencils held together (try it with different coloured pencils).


Drawing exercises 1 - Drawing exercises 2 - Drawing exercises 3
Drawing exercise 4 - Drawing exercise 5
Drawing exercises 6 - Drawing exercises 7

  • Try writing your name with your eyes closed. Draw a face as well with your eyes closed (mark the top and bottom of the face first and then put your finger and thumb at the top and bottom as guides).
  • Try writing your name with two pencils at the same time with a pencil in each hand. First in the same direction and then in opposite directions (reflection).
  • Write your name and put and outline all around it as in this advert.
Giant Pizza


Write your name - Glitter names

  • Write your name and put a drop-shadow on it. (show)
  • Write your name in 3D. Start by doing 3D shapes of squares and circles.


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