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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Alien Skin

One of the problems with movies aliens is that they have a very limited range of emotional expression. It is this lack of subtle facial expressions that makes then unconvincing. The choice is wearing makeup and a mask or having animatronic figures are limited to the mechanics of the system. That might have changed. The method used at shows how various 'skins' can be added to a normal face to produce alien effects.

It is an animated movie about how to make Live-action movies. As I have never been a Live-action scriptwriter, I was surprised to find how many categories of shots and transitions there are in the medium.

My own training in scriptwriting was to simply sit in front of a film (this was in 1958 before TV) and mentally note the shots. It's advice I give to students as being quicker and cheaper than taking a course. Watching TV with the sound off will give much information on how the director is able to set up a scene.

Another interesting site is which teaches basic mathematics using animation. Apart from being easy to use, it teaches the process of visualisation, which is a greatly underused ability.


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