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Stories - Part One: Creating Stories
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Creating Stories

Stories fall into two main categories of:


Fact, relating to what actually happened.


Fiction, relating to events that are imagined to have happened.

There are four main ways of creating stories:

  • Write something that happened to you (fact)
  • Write something that happened to someone you know (fact)
  • Write something imaginary based on a factual situations (fiction/reality)
  • Write something totally imaginary (fiction/fantasy)

Stories can also be divided into Epic and Lyric types. Epic stories involve action such as adventure, detective, war and the like, while lyric stories are more descriptive, and depend more upon the language and emotional appeal of the subject. Love stories are typically lyrical. Broadly speaking, men tend to go for Epic stories while women prefer lyric stories.

These stories can again be divided into Comedy and Tragedy, with 'Comedy' being a happy ending, and 'Tragedy' being a sad one. This is just a rough guide to analysing stories. Good stories will combine all these attributes.


Name a story for each of the following categories:

Epic - Lyric - Comedy - Tragedy

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